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The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2027, 60% of workers will require training to keep pace with the evolving post-pandemic job landscape. The fact of the matter is, only half of workers currently have access to adequate training opportunities. The solution Wealth Building Academy can assist individuals and organizations with is focusing on acquiring and developing essential workplace leadership skills.

Paul Lawrence Vann delivers comprehensive leadership development programs that will move your organization forward in this post-pandemic environment. Now more than ever, turnover at corporations is high and yet organizations recognize the need to not only train their leaders, but they also understand they need to provide leadership development to all employees in the organization because talent management is imperative given today's economy. Paul's leadership develop program brings rigor to learning and development (L&D) and if a company doesn't position all of their employees to receive leadership training, they will lose them. Paul delivers leadership development workshops and training that focuses on leadership core competencies.

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Eight Leadership Core Competency topics Wealth Building Academy delivers:

Hiring Great Talent

Corporations and small businesses continue establishing the building blocks for talent acquisition, post pandemic. When it comes to Leadership and Development (L&D) all roads lead to the importance of talent acquisition with emphasis being placed on the leadership journey and a dire need for a consistent leadership model throughout an organization.

What Hiring Great Talent Entails

Setting and Aligning Goals With Strategy

It is important for the leader and his staff have the same goals and vision for the organization. In order for a leader to hit the bullseye developing managers and employees, to become leaders of influence, they need to be in lockstep. As a part of the learning journey a leadership development plan must be built around the goals of the organization and a strategy must be put into place to bring the plan to fruition.

Setting & Aligning Goals

Clear Expectations and Effective Feedback

Communications is key no matter what size organization it is. Leaders, managers, and staff discover the importance of clear expectations and effective feedback. During this L&D session participants discover a four-step process that can be implemented to help organizations establish short and long-term expectations and effective feedback.

Expectations & Effective Feeedback

Developing Others Through Coaching

One of the best ways for leaders to upskill their organization is to develop others leaders on the staff. In other words, the greatest return on investment is to invest in the managers, and employees of the company. The better the leadership, the better the organization will perform. Leadership drives business performance, thus this session helps maximize human potential and improves an organization's bottom line.

Developing Leaders of Influence

Empowering One-On-0ne Meetings

Managers need to be well versed in communicating with their employees because it is the lifeline for current and future success. This session focuses managers to empower their employees, it represent trust and positions the employee for the road ahead in being a vital cog in the wheel for an organization.

Communications Is Key

Managing Performance Discussions

One of the most important roles of a manager and leader is to provide effective performance reviews with employees. Gone are the days of annual reviews, nowadays more frequent and impactful performance discussions yield the best results and keep employees in the know as far as their performance is concerned. This session is a keeper for leadership and employees alike.

Performance Discussions

Building A Motivational Environment

With today’s pace of change, increased workloads, and high expectation levels, employees are feeling the stress of getting more done, with fewer resources in a quicker amount of time. Savvy organizations are employing all the strategies they can muster to create a workplace where employees feel valued and respected because what they know for sure is that by increasing the value of employees, they can create a more valuable company.

Motivational & Inclusive Environment

Relationship Strategies That Build Trust

With today’s rapid transfer of information and knowledge, collaboration and teamwork are an absolute necessity in any business. A successful team will understand how to collectively assess a situation, problem or opportunity, and apply a variety of skills, tools, people and resources to achieve objectives.

Relationship Strategies/Trust

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Meet Paul, "Mr. Leader of Influence," He Provides Leadership Development Expertise to Organizations

Paul Lawrence Vann, Wealth Building Academy, LLC is a professional speaker, a two-time international number-one best-selling author and he is a leadership development expert. He founded and led his service-disabled, veteran-owned business dedicated to leadership, by helping organizations to upskill their organization. Paul's goal is to provide solution-based leadership development to develop all employees at the company.

Paul provides organizations with customized leadership development tools, strategies, and processes to strengthen their organization, offset employee retention, and provide greater investment in the talent at their company, which yields more productive employees and increases the return on talent retention.

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Paul Lawrence Vann

Founder and President

"Mr. Leader of Influence" is a professional speaker and leadership development expert. He is an international speaker, television, radio, and podcast personality, and the author of six books, including three solo books, and three co-authored books, including two number-one international best-selling books. He is the recipient of the District 27 Toastmasters International, Leadership and Communications award for contributions to leadership and speaking expertise.

Paul is an international speaker who focuses on leadership, he attended every leadership school the United States Air Force (USAF) had to offer. He is a certified financial manager from the USAF, and he was a financial analyst for Mobil Oil Company in Texas. Today he teaches individuals nationwide how to effectively become leaders of influence, his three-pronged process helps organizations enhance their leadership by developing leaders, managers, and employees to become better leaders, and specifically become leaders of influence as written in his book, Leadership Is Influence. Paul has appeared on hundreds of radio shows across the U.S., TV programs such as a recurring appearance on, "The Mind Over Money Show," hosted by WUSA, Channel 9 (CBS affiliate), Washington, DC, and Fox 54, Baltimore, MD. Dr. Maya Angelou interviewed Paul on Oprah Radio and it was a memorable interview.

Paul earned an M.S. in Contracts and Acquisition Management from, Florida Institute of Technology, M.A. in Business from Central Michigan University, and a B.A. in Business Administration from Shaw University. He earned a Certificate in Legislative Studies from the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University.

As the President of Wealth Building Academy, LLC, Paul leads his leadership-focused consultancy, he oversees all content, marketing, and operational efforts; and serves as a spokesperson for the company; and is responsible for the overall direction of the company’s main consumer site, https://www.leadershipisinfluencebook.com

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"Your content-rich presentation increased our attendee's knowledge and awareness and the strategies that we can incorporate will assist us in achieving success. You did such a fantastic job that we are going to invite you back for another program in the near future."

-Oscar Mardis, Former President, National Black MBA Association, DC Chapter

"I along with all of the employees at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) thank you for delivering the amazing keynote address on the life and legacy of Dr. King."

- John Berry, Former Director of OPM

"In recognition of your contributions to Operation Purple through your gift for speaking to thousands of audience members during the 12-city speaking tour, you have our sincere thanks and gratitude."

- Candace Wheeler, Former President, NFMA